Water wings are the more traditional swimming armbands, used by thousands before us in the pools and lidos around the country. They generally have a number of inflatable sections, more than one to prevent total failure if punctured as well as safety valves. These arm bands are pack down small when fully deflated and roll op into the smallest bad or case.

The more modern designs have a roll on capability where you can comfortably push your child’s arm into the center of the band and the glide over and up tot he correct area of the arm as opposed to having to put the inflatable bands into place and blowing them up on the arm.

The modern material for arm bands is heavy duty Vylux, which is stronger and softer than the original armbands. They also come in a number of colours from red, pink blue and yellow!

Generally swim bands come in three sizes; Adult, toddler and baby however each product has a defined age range. I would add that the sooner you can get your child water confident the better for their own safety. As fun water is, it can easily be the most dangerous place if not respected.

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speedo water wingsSpeedo Water Wings / Armbands

These arm bands are suitable from aged 2-12 or up to 50 KG and they fully conform to European safety standards. They are bright orange in colour and constructed from high quality and durable PVC with safety valves and feature the roll on design.

Buy – Speedo Kids Inflateable Armband – Orange, 2-6 Years

Or look at BEMA Baby Armbands

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