Taking a Baby Swimming

Getting baby used to water as soon as possible makes perfect sense. It’s great fun and baby will love her time in the water. It’s also valuable form a safety angle as well. Baby will benefit from the great exercise that being in the water offers – its very gentle resistance training. Anyway, it is

Should Children Have Swimming Goggles?

A question I hear a lot around the pool side and even in the ques at school drop off and collection – should children have swimming goggles? In fact I even heard it in my local supermarket today while getting lunch, hence why I thought of talking about it today. From everything I have read

How to Introduce Children to Water

Swimming is a skill that everyone should learn. Primarily it helps keep us all a little bit safer (The Royal Society For the Prevention of Accidents say drowning is a leading cause of accidental death) in the world as we as being great fun – messing about in the river! Understand water also increases a

Benefits Of Buying Baby Swimming Ring

In the summertime, pool is the ideal place for the entire family to cool off and relax. But if you have an infant in your family, he or she will not be able to enjoy swimming in the cool water in the pool along with you. So, you will have to make separate arrangements for

Best pool Inflatables and Toys

Summer holidays are at their peak with every one of us wanting to spend the exquisite moments in an island. If you want to relax and clear your head, then all you have to do is unwind on the water on an inflatable-floating island. When the best pool inflatables and toys are designed, the key

Pool Noodle Review – Awesomely Creative and Totally Fun Things You Can Do With A

Who says you can only have fun with noodles when eating them noisily as spaghetti, or when slurping them down along with a hot bowl of soup or broth? Pool noodles are on the rise, and are making their way across swimming pools big and small, and in the unlikeliest of places all over the

Baby Wetsuit – Enjoy Swimming While Keeping Baby Warm

Swmming With Baby Did you know that babies are born with natural swimming abilities and are able to hold their breath underwater? Come to think of it, swimming around was what baby has been doing all the while in the womb, as early as the 16th week of pregnancy! Not that they can be left

Why do you need a baby float suit?

Baby float suits like this Splash About Kids Float Suit with Adjustable Buoyancy are one of the most popular and useful swimming aids for children. The float suits create buoyancy in both the front and back part of the upper body and thus help to float. However, various types of float suits are available in

Baby Swim Seat

Children can gain a lot of benefits from learning how to swim and build their confidence in and around the water. In your baby’s earlier days, going for a swim together is a great way to bond with your child for both mum and dad. Swimming also gives you an opportunity to have fun with

Swimming with floats

Swimming Aids Inexperienced and advanced swimmers can rely on floats to navigate deep pools and learn how to swim quickly and easily. An important aspect of swimming for everyone is safety: floats and vests are very effective in pursuing this agenda. Floats help swimmers to achieve leg and hip balance as well as core and