Pool Noodle Review – Awesomely Creative and Totally Fun Things You Can Do With A

Swimming Pool NoodleWho says you can only have fun with noodles when eating them noisily as spaghetti, or when slurping them down along with a hot bowl of soup or broth? Pool noodles are on the rise, and are making their way across swimming pools big and small, and in the unlikeliest of places all over the world!

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What’s A Pool Noodle?

Pool noodle enthusiasts may say that you haven’t experienced true joy until you see a pool noodle in action. What’s a pool noodle, you ask? A pool noodle is a long piece of polyethylene foam in cylindrical shape, sometimes with a small hole in the middle. It is a tube-like piece of colorful noodle floating around in pools, painted in daring red, shocking orange, electric blue or radioactive green! This versatile thing is also known as a water woggle or a water log in certain parts of the world. They might seem awfully boring to you, just floating about on their own merry way, but pool noodles are much more versatile and fun than you might think!

Who Can Use A Pool Noodle?

Anyone who has a sense of adventure can use a pool noodle for a good number of things! Primarily, these cylindrical floaters are used by swimming beginners in place of an inner tube. Kids and small children grab on pool noodles to keep them afloat, kicking and horsing around, having a whale of a time. Creative adults can also find ingenious ways on how to properly employ a pool noodle to good use with a bit of tweaking and some modifications.

How Can Pool Noodles Be Used?

A pool noodle’s inherent ability to float and keep things safe brings about a lot of uses. It can be wrapped around your arms and assist you while swimming around. It can be fashioned into a makeshift basketball court, or as a goal for water soccer. Create an unsinkable water raft or cooler by fitting them around plastic containers filled with ice-cold drinks and beverages. You can tape a bunch of pool noodles together and make soft battle sticks, ala American Gladiator style! or go the route of light side, dark side game by sticking one end of a pool noodle into a light saber handle and make awesome swishing and clashing sounds while dueling!

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Believe it or not, pool noodles have a life outside the water. Creative DIY people can go wild and fashion colorful horsies with button eyes and wacky-colored yarns or ribbons for hair. They can attach wrapping paper at one end to make some party flowers and add a great atmosphere to any occasion. True artisans can fashion a whole yard with a lot of pool noodles, creating a soft obstacle course for kids and adults alike!

Pool noodles can also be used for safety outside the water. Parents can cut them up and place them around sharp edges, or put them in doors to prevent slamming. You can strategically place them around your garage to keep your car’s door or bumper from acquiring ugly dings and dents. Place a soft pool noodle at the side of the bed to keep toddlers and children from falling off the side of the bed while sleeping. The uses of a pool noodle are truly endless!

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