Childrens swim vests are ideal if you want your child to have a little extra movement and not being confined to uncomfortable arm bands.


Child safety around water is very important and having the piece of mind while at the pool or in the sea is invaluable. Of course this does no mean that you can just leave your children to it, a watchful eye and nearby parent is a must!

Many of the new swimming vests on the market are made from a soft neoprene fabric and they have adjustable floats so you can adjust the level of buoyancy according to your child’s ability as well as adjusting the location of the floats to keep them in a comfortable position in the water. Also to add to the comfort of these buoyancy aids they are flat locked stitched, so no hem digs in causing soreness.


The better jackets have a crotch strap preventing the jacket rising up on your child as well as sporting a number of wonderful, child friendly colours.

The other important factor is the flotation is not provided with air filled cells, so they cannot be popped and leak! Another important safety features is a Velcro lock over the zip to prevent it undoing while in use in the swimming pool.

Child swim floatation vestIt is really important to get the right size jacket. It needs to be a snug fit so some accurate measuring is needed. Don’t forget that when your child gets wet the jacket will appear more loose on the them, hence the requirement for a nice snug fit.

  • Suitable for 1 – 7 Years – With Zip and safety velco to stop zip coming undone too easily
  • SNUG FIT including eight Removable floats
  • S = chest size 40 – 46cm – ROUGH AGE 1/2 yrs // M = chest 46 – 53cm – ROUGH AGE 2/4 yrs
  • L = chest size 53 – 60cm – ROUGH AGE 5/6 yrs // XL = chest 60 – 70cm – ROUGH AGE 6/7 yrs
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Swimming Facts:

  1. Be smart around water, learning to swim could save your life or that of another.
  2. If you get into trouble, try and stay calm and signal to others.
  3. Never go swimming by your self. Always take a friend.
  4. Swimming help improve balance, stamina, strength and posture
  5. Swimming is a great way to strengthen after injury due to the low impact.
  6. If you are in the sun, wear sun cream and apply after going into the water
  7. Swim between the appropriate flags on a lifeguarded beach.
  8. Be careful of strong currents and river flows.
  9. Don’t swim within 30 – 40 mins of a meal or if you feel poorly.
  10. An hour of hard swimming can burn more calories than an equal amount of cycling or biking!