Baby Swim Seat

Swim SeatsChildren can gain a lot of benefits from learning how to swim and build their confidence in and around the water. In your baby’s earlier days, going for a swim together is a great way to bond with your child for both mum and dad. Swimming also gives you an opportunity to have fun with your baby away from all the distractions and pressures of the life at home.

Water Confidence

A brilliant way to build your baby’s confidence in water is by using a baby swim seat like this Zoggs Trainer Seat
. A baby swim seat is designed with the easy to inflate air space and a back pillow to provide extra comfort and support for baby. They incorporate an area where the baby’s legs can go through keeping your little one in a seated position. This swim seat will help both of you to relax and enjoy spending time and swimming together. It is a great tool that not only helps you to introduce your baby to water but also ensures that he or she has lots of fun in the pool.

There are numerous benefits of using a baby swim seat. Firstly, your baby will be able to explore the water with a lot of ease while at the same time learn natural movements that are felt on the legs when it comes to swimming. By learning such movements, you help your child to build a good foundation and also develop confidence of how his or her body should propel while you spend time in water.

Your child will also be able grow their confidence as he or she gets introduced to the swim seats slowly, since they ensure that when needed, the parent will be easily available. As a parent, you can help in increasing the confidence through the use of the swim seat by remaining at a close proximity while maintaining eye contact with your baby. At the same time, you should ensure that you speak in a clear and calm voice as you continue to reassure the baby in the pool. It is also a healthy way to develop a healthier relationship with water that will last throughout the child’s life.

Baby swim seats are designed using special vinyl that is durable and can not easily be punctured or torn. This gives you an extra peace of mind. They also have four air chambers that give all round buoyancy. Each of the chambers has an easy to inflate non-return safety valves that allow you to quickly deflate and inflate the swim seat.

The back pillow gives added comfort and support to enable the child to sit confidently and support him or herself while they puddle.

Baby swim seats are suitable for babies who are as young as three months to twelve months old and have a maximum wight limit of eleven to fifteen kgs depending on the size and design. The swim seat is therefor sure to comfortably hold and support your baby while in the pool.

It is a great way for your baby to exercise as he or she paddles while in the swim seat. This exercise helps in the development of muscles as the baby can move more smoothly and freely while in the pool as compared to land where the child’s movements may still be rather uncoordinated and jerky. A recent study showed that the benefits of such exercise as a baby were surprisingly long lasting. Five year olds who had gone swimming as babies had better balance and had superior grasping and catching skills as compared to children who had not gone swimming as babies.

When you go for a swim with your child, even though you have a swim seat, you will require a special nappy for swimming that may either be reusable or disposable and hooded towel to dry your baby when you get out of the water. Make sure that you are holding your child at a distance that is not too close. Give them some space to ensure that they will enjoy the feeling of being in the water. In addition, smile and ensure that you look relaxed because if you are happy, your child too will be happy. If at first they seem to be enjoying it, you could try to swoosh around in the water while making little splashes. However, if initially they are unsure about it, it is important that you first familiarize them with the water.