Delphin Swimming Disks
Getting your child safe around water is very important and is easily achieved with the help of Delphin Swimming Disks

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Children love playing in the water and getting your child enjoying the pool or open water is valuable for so many reasons:

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Exercise – The gentle no impact exercise delivered by swimming and water fun is great for gently building tone in the young and old. Playing in the pool is a fantastic way for your child to get a wonderful full body work out, tiring them and reducing all that stored energy.

Fun – Every pool is full of smiling happy faces. Every child I know would spend hours and hours playing in the water given half a chance. School trips, pool parties and fun at the beach can all be enjoyed to the max if you are water confident.

Fear – Adult friends of mine miss out on so much fun with their piers and own children because they were never introduced to swimming at an early age and have a fear of the water.

Safety – There is water everywhere and having knowledge and an understanding of water saves lives. Accidents happen and having the ability to swim prevents things getting out of control and is a skill we should all have.

Swimming Discs

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The bright, primary coloured red, yellow and green solid foam discs are secured with an elastic cuff which secures the disc on the upper arm around the bicep to arm pit area. The cuff is off center meaning the majority of the buoyancy is above the arm, making for a more comfortable fit.

1, 2 or 3 discs can be worn on each arm depending on ability. As your child increases in confidence you can remove one disc on each arm, helping them to improve in a controlled and safe manner.

The traditional inflatable arm bands suffered from splits, deflation and being uncomfortable on the arm. These Delphin Swim Disks get around all these issues with there solid construction and shape.

These disks are 100% waterproof and suitable for use in saltwater conditions. It is recommended to rinse them in fresh water after each use to increase longevity of the disks. Dry the disks fully before storing them to get the best from them.

  • Popular with swimming teachers as they keep your childs head clear of the water.
  • Discs on each arm provide a learn to swim system for ages 1 to 10 years.
  • Flexible swimming aid system rewards children as they improve
  • Improves body positioning over traditional aides.
  • lightweight and comfortable

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Are Delphin Swimming Disks Good Value?

Delphin Swim Disc

Indeed the are. There is no question of doubt about it. They are developed to be long lasting, colorful, efficient and very durable making them great value.

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No more risk of getting to the pool to find a puncture and air escaping due to there construction from a solid foam.

My children complain about inflatable arm bands digging in, leaving red marks around the arm. With these well developed products that is a thing of the past.

The better float position keeps your child higher in the water and the bright colourful design makes them attractive to children who like wearing them!

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Delphin Swimming Disks