This video shows what can be achieved with the proper training, amazing!

BEMA Baby Armbands

BEMA Baby Armbands

A very popular pool product Рthe BEMA baby in fact it is a 4 star product on Amazon with good review after good review! See here >>> BEMA Baby Armbands (12 Months-6 Years)

The product boasts a¬†Markwitz flat strap and A frame design to allow for a greater range of movement in your child’s upper arm. The design makes for a very comfortable fit around the upper arm, reducing the chance of scratching and becoming annoying to your child.

Arm bands are a great way to introduce children to the water, but they need to be watched all the time as they can easily become punctured or come off the arm.

Use armbands as a training aid rather then relying on them all the time while in the pool. They are great for getting children jumping into the pool and feel secure which allows them to feel confident and explore the pool.


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